Counting Our Blessings!

Often people ask us why we would want to be preschool directors. With parent complaints, teaching partnerships in conflict, budget worries, stresses imposed by the economy, etc., they wonder why we keep at it. Every morning when our doors open, we stand outside the classrooms greeting the children as they come in happy and excited. […]

How Children Learn

If you have more than one child, you are probably aware that children learn in different ways. Good teachers quickly realize that within the classroom, there are many different ways of learning. Howard Gardner, author of Frames of Mind, divides intelligences into 8 categories. See if you can tell where you own children fit in. […]

Parents Need a Break, Too

Parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have. Need help? Send your preschoolers to the best school around: Shadow Rock Preschool. They accept children who turn 2 before the end of August through young 5-year-olds. Their teachers have (among them all) hundreds of years of experience. Kindergarten teachers are thrilled to have children who arrive […]

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