Educational, Experiential Preschool

A child cannot grasp math concepts just because he/she recognizes numerals. First, a child must understand the idea of quantity, sorting by numbers, sizes, colors and shapes, measuring, pouring, and mixing. From 2s through 5s these things are part of our curriculum.

All of the above is done right here. That makes us an educational, experiential preschool.

We Must Be Their Advocates

Whether your child is looking at the back of a cereal box or walking past the TV seeing Spider Man do incredible stunts, they do not have the ability to understand that what the ads promise isn’t reality.

Terrific Twos!

You bet we take two-year-olds at Shadow Rock! We LOVE the twos!Culturally common phrases such as The Terrible Twos are old hat. What is it about theselittle people that elicits such a reaction?A wise Parent Study teacher once told me that twos absolutely MUST push limits—it’s howthey begin to learn that they are independent creatures […]

Parents Need a Break, Too

Parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have. Need help? Send your preschoolers to the best school around: Shadow Rock Preschool. They accept children who turn 2 before the end of August through young 5-year-olds. Their teachers have (among them all) hundreds of years of experience. Kindergarten teachers are thrilled to have children who arrive […]


ACADEMICS IN PRESCHOOL? We at Shadow Rock Preschool think children learn best by being put into the middle of experiences. “When I do, I learn” is an old Chinese proverb. We believe there is wisdom in it. So we do and we learn. At this age it is most important for a child to -Sharpen […]

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