If interested in registering for the current school year, please bring filled out forms and fees to the Preschool Office. We recommend you call or write us for class availability as some classes are full.

Forms for this year are available for download below or stop by our office for a copy. Forms for the 2019-2020 school year will be on this page by the end of February.  Please call for a tour or with any questions.

Registration for existing and returning families is March 5th, 2019.

Registration for new families is March 6th, 2019.


The following paperwork and fees are needed at the time of registration:

  • Completed and signed registration form (combination of both preschool and KDO)

Download Registration form here:


  • Photo copy of child’s birth certificate (unless one is already on file with the preschool office–returning students)
  • Filled out and signed Web Site Registration form(please put a first and second choice)
  • Non-refundable registration fee(s)- ONLY CASH OR CHECK ACCEPTED


Magda Taglienti,  Director, at 602-993-0050 or or

Nikki Salmon, Assistant Director & Registrar, at 602-993-0050 or



 Participant in Arizona’s Quality First program

 Beginning of the Year Process

At the beginning of each school year, students are apprehensive as to who their teachers might be and how are they going to make new friends. Over the years, we have found that our slow integration process has been extremely successful and provides an easy transition for your child into the Preschool/KDO environment. It includes:

Teacher Home Visits:                                                            

These begin our school year. One of the teachers from your child’s classroom will call your home a week or so prior to the beginning of school to schedule a time when she or he can visit your child in their own environment. She or he will probably bring a small activity to do with the child while allowing them to feel comfortable with this new person. They will also bring along paperwork needed to be completed by the parents prior to the first day of school.

Children’s Open House:                                             

You and your child will be invited for a short visit to see the classroom and meet the “other” teacher(s) along with perhaps a few other students and parents. Your child’s visiting teacher will provide exact dates and times at the home visit. This is an important part of your child’s introduction to school and you will want to set aside time for it.


Gradual Class Integration:

Then, to further make this process easy for your child, we split the class the first two full days of school, i.e. children 1-8 come the first day scheduled day of school, children 8-16 come the second scheduled day of school and then the third day all the children join together and enjoy their new friends.

We have practiced this process for almost 40 years and have found that the children are comfortable, ready to join in group activities and enjoy their time at school.  Please feel free to ask either Sharon or Nikki if you have any questions.

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