Eileen Hoard (in the middle), our founding director in 1973.  It was her vision and expertise that formed our philosophies and love of children.   Before that she helped establish Cross Roads Preschool.  Eileen, a story teller and artist, shared her expertise and creativity with the school until her retirement.  She recently published her second book, Everyone’s a Storyteller.

Marilyn Rampley (on the left), our second director, became involved with Shadow Rock Preschool as the Vice-Chair and then Chair of the Preschool Board.  She began teaching in 1976 at Shepherd of the Valley (our first home before Shadow Rock had a building), and then moved to the new and current campus.  She began as co-director with Eileen Hoard in 1980 and retired in 2011.

Sharon Torrella (on the right), was first a Shadow Rock Preschool mom.  She joined the teaching staff in 1977.  Her educational background includes a degree in elementary education from Indiana University, graduate work in Early Childhood studies, teaching in the public schools, planning for KDO, and creating the Young Fives program at Shadow Rock.  She was co-director with Marilyn Rampley from 1995 until Marilyn’s retirement in 2011 and was our director until June, 2013 when she retired.  She has returned and is our current director.



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