Auction & Other Fundraisers

Shadow Rock Preschool 2017 Auction was a huge success thanks to our hard working Board and Sponsors.


Since Shadow Rock Preschool is a nonprofit preschool, we do several fun and helpful fundraising events throughout the year. Our annual auction is usually held in February. This fun night not only helps raise money to keep tuition costs down but also provides us with needed improvements or supplies. Additionally, it is an amazing time of bonding with our community.  If you have never attended, you are missing out!!


Other fundraising opportunities held throughout the year include but are not limited to:

Clothing recycle – bring all your unwanted clothes and donate to a good charity. We get paid by the pound.

Butter Braid Sales– These are an amazing pastry treat that freezes well.  Many of us keep them in our freezers for specal occations and guests. They will think you are a fabulous baker! HA!HA!

Summer Movie Tickets– We sell the Harkins Summer Movie tickets usually at the beginning of March. This is a summer tradition for many families. Get out of the heat and see movies every week for 10 weeks with friends.  The price is $7 for 10 movies. Harkins picks old favorites that every child will watch again and again.

This is not a full list for our events and the board tries to change it up a little year to year. So, if you have any fun fundraising ideas we would love to hear them!!



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